Personal Statements (Formerly Known As Short Answer Essays)

Your four required Personal Statements should be numbered and clearly written. Selection committees prefer to see your Personal Statements in this format for consistency in evaluation.


  1. Draft responses for the required OSAC Personal Statements in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word.
  2. Use correct grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling.
  3. Use spell check and have someone proof your Personal Statements.
  4. Let your Personal Statements tell your story. Show the “unique” you.
  5. Do not recreate your Activities Chart when answering question # 4.
  6. Your Personal Statements should not exceed 1000 characters including spaces (approximately 150-170 words).
  7. Attach answers to your presentation and print a hard copy for your portfolio.
    Draft your OSAC Personal Statements in Word (or similar program), use the spell check, and have someone proof them.


  1. Explain your career aspirations and your educational plan to meet these goals.
  2. Describe a challenge or obstacle you faced in the last ten years. What did you learn about yourself from this experience?
  3. Describe a personal accomplishment and the strengths and skills you used to achieve it.
  4. Explain how you have helped your family or made your community a better place to live. Please provide specific examples. 

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