Understanding Tragedy: We will be exploring the concept of classical tragedy and applying our understanding to present times and conditions. 

  1. Theme: Lesson or truth about life revealed in a story or poem.
    • Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.
    • The world is harsh enough without us, so be ready.
  2. Terms
  3. Aristotle’s Ideas About Tragedy
  4. A Plea for Caution from Russia
  5. History:
    1. Gobekli Tepe
    2. Ancient Stone Carvings Show a Comet Swarm Hitting Earth Around 10,950 BCE
  6. Vigilante: a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.
  7. Monomyth
  8. Military Offensive
  9. Crash Course – Oedipus Rex: Please take notes on this brief lecture on the concept of tragedy and play, Oedipus Rex.
  10. Tragedy Overview and Assessment: Please click on this link and complete the assessment.  
  11. Hero (Monomyth) 
  12. Media / Propaganda Assignment
  13. Where Has 100 Generations of Human Life on This Planet Brought Us?


Week One Assignments: Syllabus Definitions, Human Aggression, Theme, Plot, Starvation, Are You Prepared for the Big One?

  1. Put your name and proper heading at the top of a loose sheet of paper. A proper heading is located in the upper right-hand corner of your document/page and includes:
    1. First and last name
    2. The date (September 13, 2016)
    3. Your school
    4. 4j student ID
  2. Put the title of the assignment in the upper left-hand corner of the assignment.
  3. Syllabus Definitions – please define all 12 terms listed under the “what it means to be human” section. Write the word and the definition down.
  4. Human Aggression – read the following article by clicking on this link. Then, when you are done reading,
    1. Write a summary of the article that includes the name of the main character, who he is, and what makes him special. Also be sure to include the main idea of concept that the article works to express.
    2. Identify the author’s intent in writing this article. Is the author trying to persuade the reader to adopt his/her opinion?
  5. Course Notes – please take notes on the terms revealed today in class. 
  6. Read this article and write a response on this sheet of paper. If you need another piece of paper, please get one from me. Be sure to include:
    1. What is the essential question in this article?
    2. How does this article make you feel?
    3. Do you think anything can be done about this issue?
    4. Why aren’t people in our culture more aware that these things are going on?
  7. Are You Prepared for the Big One? – Please read this informational editorial from The Register Guard and answer the question “are you prepared for the big one” using complete sentences and thoughts. I also want you to take notes on how many of the survival items listed in the article are already at your house and what you would need to get.

Week Two Assignments: Principles of Wilderness Survival, Human Psychology

  1. Principles of Wilderness Survival: What It Means To Be Human (Physically) – When you click on this link, you will be transported to an mp3 file recorded by wilderness survival expert Tim Smith of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft organization. Please take notes on his lecture. He will cover the fundamental elements of what it takes to keep the human body going in an emergency survival situation. Please:
    1. Take detailed notes about what you need to know, what you need to do, and what you need to have to survival a difficult situation.
    2. Please listen to this lecture using headphones. You may work at your own pace. 
    3. This will take just under an hour.
  2. Psychology: Freud Notes – Please take notes on the concepts we cover today in class. We are discussing the concept of what it means to be human in the mental/psychological sense. 

Week Four Assignments: What It Means to Be Human – Socially

  1. Beyond Religion. Please read this article. Take notes on the article. Highlight and take note of main points, opinions, positions and perspectives. Be sure to make a list of:
    1. First-world problems
    2. Third-world problems.

The Psychology of Evil and What It Means To Be Human, Tragically.

  1. The Psychology of Evil: When you finish the assignments above, please click on this link and take notes on the video.
  2. What Is A Human Being? – Essay Prompt: This is an interesting question. Some would say that humans are complicated beings, and they would be correct. Others would say that we are a simple species and easy to figure out; this can be an accurate statement in many ways. The trick to defending an opinion (argument) is understanding how to support your points and positions with facts and examples that are easy to understand. An argument is a defense of positionally. Please write a piece that answers the question that started this paragraph. Take into consideration:
    1. The physical nature of human existence,
    2. The psychological nature of human existence, 
    3. The spiritual nature of human existence,
    4. The social nature of human existence, and
    5. Your feelings about the trajectory, purpose, and potential future of our species.


What It Means To Be Human

Humanity In The 21st Century

Aristotelian Tragedy

Shakespearian Tragedy

Dark Psychology

American History Revisited

The Question Concerning Conspiracy

Election 2016

Coexistence 101

  • The Oneness of Humanity
  • Beyond Religion

Simple Living