Essential Skills Writing

Welcome to the finish line! By taking these writing work samples seriously and spending a few days on these essays, you are much closer to meeting your graduation requirement for writing. Remember that this is not a race. If you take your time, brainstorm, write an outline, and think ahead, you have a very good chance of passing. Here are the rules to remember:

  • Type your essay in Microsoft Word.
  • Use 12-point font size, Times New Roman.
  • Double space!
  • Create enough paragraphs to get the job done.
  • Include a title (the actual prompt you choose can be the title)
  • Write a proper heading at the top of your paper:
    • Name
    • Date
    • School name (ECCO)
    • 4j ID #

It is also important to observe the rules!

  • You must disable WIFI on your computer. You may not use/access the internet.
  • You may not use your phone, listen to music, or wear headphone/earbuds while working.
  • None of these materials (prompt sheets, scratch paper, folders) may leave this room. Leave your folders with your teacher.
  • Only one paper can be a narrative/story.