Personalized Learning

In designing the Oregon Diploma, the State Board of Education remains committed to preparing each student for successful transitions to his or her next steps. Personalized learning, learning beyond the classroom and connections to the adult world are critical for preparing each student, whatever path they take after graduation, for the vast challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


SECTION ONE: Education Plan and Profile

The following requirements personalize the diploma for each student and help students plan for their post-high school education and career goals. Please create (or revise) all of the documents listed below. If you need guidance or help with creating or improving any of the items listed below, click on the links or ask your advisor for assistance. All of these documents will help you find employment and acceptance in the future, whether you want to find a college program or career path:

  1. Autobiography 
  2. Resume Handbook
  3. Letters of Recommendation (3)
  4. Activities Chart (High School Years)
  5. OSAC Essays (150-170 Words)

SECTION TWO: Career Related Learning Experiences

Career-related learning experiences are structured educational experiences that connect learning to the world beyond the classroom. They are planned in the student’s education plan in relation to his/her career interests and post-high school goals. These experiences may include, but are not required to be included, nor are they limited to: field-based investigations; field trips; guest speakers; job shadows; service learning; school-based enterprises; workplace mentoring and workplace simulations. 

  1. Informational Interview (Community Member)
  2. Presentation of Career Plan

SECTION THREE: Guidelines and Advice

  • We strongly encourage all students to write these assignments in Google Docs in preparation for the presentation.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your advisor, or the Personalized Learning coaches below:
    • Lee Kounovsky:
    • Tim Bjornstad: