Student Council


How to Improve Scheduling Process at ECCO:

  • Too many people in the class. 
  • Couldn’t ask questions because it was overpopulated and frantic.
  • Staff did not seem to know what was going on.
  • Presenter didn’t know exactly what class (grade level) she was talking to. 
    • What 10th grade classes are mandatory?
    • What 11th grade classes are mandatory?
    • What 12th grade classes are mandatory?
  • The credit portions of the student sheets are worthless. We need to track this data in a living form.
  • ES comes first.
  • For advanced math students, we need to be able to send students to LANE to take advanced math courses. We need to establish that pipeline so students have the opportunity to go to early college.




  • Scheduling process.
  • Scope and sequence.
  • Pathways to LCC and beyond. And how to pay for it.
  • Attendance = 80%
  • Technology Policy
  • No homework policy
    • Unless you are enrolled in a college now course.
  • Tiered system for students who struggle to attend. Everyone has their individual reasons. Some are here 95% of time and struggle. Others can miss half the time and throw down.
    • Online
    • In-Building
  • The reason people fail does not correlate to a attendance percentage. There are underlying causes and reasons that keep people away (attendance) and lead to failure.
  • Identify issues through an interview:
    • Why are you enrolled at ECCO? Why do you come?
    • If you can’t come to ECCO, is there any way that we can cultivate a community in which you feel comfortable talking about those reasons?
    • If you don’t want to be here, that is a different path.
  • Establish an agenda ahead of time. Let students know that there is a rolling schedule.
  • Use TV episodes as a hook.
  • Application for a partial schedule and process/panel. Getting a partial schedule is easy if you are honest and straight with the school. ALSO, the staff MUST understand the circumstances to grant that permission.
  • How do students know what they are getting into?
  • Having one-on-one contact with advisor every __ weeks. Once in the first six weeks. At the beginning. Set goals.
  • GOALS: Ask students to tell us what they need / what they are shooting for. They apply for credit and then need to perform. Give students a chance to switch.
  • Require student VUE participation.
  • Target Goals



Student Council wants to gather information and opinions from the student body in regards to events to be held by ECCO High School. Leadership class has come up with a few brief questions to gather information to help us organize events that are meaningful, fun, and well-attended. Please don’t feel that you are limited to any events listed or that you have to select any at all. Please write your thoughts in the provided text boxes so we understand your selections (or lack there of).

  1. What is the purpose of Student Council
  2. What is purpose of Student Council Website/Newsletter?
  3. What is the purpose of holding an event this year?
    1. In-school? Outside of school?
    2. What would you take the time to participate in here at ECCO?
    3. Where should it be held?
    4. Do you think it is worth it to have an event this year?
    5. Can we take time out of a regular schedule day to have a community building event?
    6. How many people would be interested in a junior and senior prom this year?
  4. We need to have the survey.
    1. The purpose of the event is to prove that we (the school) can get together and have a good time.
    2. Event should loosen up the energy of the space. Get out of school mode.
    3. The event should be a unifying event.
    4. Hold an event that spreads the message that the school is still under construction and that we want to involve students in the creation of the school’s future and program.
    5. Many new students coming to this school. We have rolling enrollment. Our event should help reach out to new students and get them involved. Help them get to know people.
    6. Hold a raffle and offer free food to get student engagement.
      1. Raffle (multiple items)(is it even a good idea?)
      2. $1.00/ticket OR participation
      3.  iPad
      4. Small items
    7.   Fundraiser
      1. Find out who wants to participate
      2. Car wash?
    8.  Fundraiser for
      1. Event this year,
      2. Raffle,
      3. Food for students,
      4. Budget for NEXT YEAR to sponsor student needs.
      1. Food
      2. Field Day
      3. Survey:
      1. Do you (individually) have an interest in participating in a school-organized event focused towards making ECCO’s community stronger? If interested, here is a survey for you. If you are not interested, please don’t participate in this.
      2. YES/NO
      1. Clarify whether the event should happen inside of school or outside of school.
      2. If after school, I can’t make it.
      3. If during school, I will participate.
      4. “Would you like ECCO to have a community-building focused event during or after school hours before the end of the school year? Before June 20th?
      5. Are you interested in attending a community focused event at ECCO, at all?
      6. Would it work better for you to have an event during or after the school day?
      7. Any suggestions on what you think would be a good:
        1. Dance?
        2. Raffle?
        3. Movie night?
        4. Freestyle expression of ideas for an event.
        1. Field Day Event
          1. Dodgeball
          2. Ultimate Frisbee
          3. Rock climbing
          4. Food
          5. Hike
        2. Suggestions about events or types of food.
  5. End of Year Event(s): Survey Questions
    1. What events would interest you if we hosted them?
    2. Game/movie night
    3. Feast & raffle during Advisory/lunch
      1. Cafe Yumm
      2. Hawaiian Times
      3. BBQ
      1. Prom
      2. Dance(s)
      3. Student-led information night (for new and prospective students)
    4. What are examples of school activities that you’ve enjoyed in the past? Please describe.
    5. What would motivate you to participate in extra-curricular activities at ECCO?
  6. Student Council Handbook
    1. South Eugene High School
    2. A3
  • Voting & Procedures
    • Officers and Titles 
    • Establishing Missions & Projects 
    • Support Committees & Roles 
      1. Technology Officer (Website)
      2. Public Relations Council (Events & Messaging)
        1. Head(s)
        2. Committee
        3.  Yearbook
        4. Events / Prom
        5. Survey
        6. Communications
        7. Keeping council work in council class
        8. Fundraising
      • Role of Class Advisor (Teacher)
        1. Voting Power
        2. Veto Power
        3. Duties


  • Absences:
    • When President and Vice President are absent, Heron serves as acting President.
    • When Secretary is absent, Tim serves as acting Secretary.
  • Grades & Expectations
    • A,B,P,NP,NB
    • On-time, 12:40pm
    • Fulfill accepted job description
  • Student Perspective:
    • Connection with principal: Wednesdays are best for Molly
    • Brainstorm and advocate for student support services
    • Need to gather and involve entire student body
    • Voice for students: Representative vs. Senator
    • Develop App
  • Contact Magaly if you will be absent.
  • Elections / Self-Selections:
    • How often do we have elections?
    • Senators, not representatives
    • Terms and conditions of senators
    • Students need to be here at ECCO or in the Council for a set amount of time