Tragedy & The Dark Knight


  1. Freud & The Mind: Please read (and take notes on) the article linked below. It provides an understanding of how the Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious aspects of the mind work, according to Freud.  If you did this already, move onto the next assignment.
    1. The Unconscious Mind Part One: How Does It All Work?
  2. Ideal School Project: Please click on the blue link below and read the directions. I am asking you to write an imaginative, but thoughtful essay on your dream of an ideal school. This assignment is valuable. Remember that this assignment is not due today. It is not due tomorrow. BUT, I will want to see how far you’ve gone by the end of the day tomorrow and will grade you on effort. We will continue working on this assignment during the next six weeks. 
    1. Link to the Ideal School Project Page
  3. Dark Psychology: We continue our exploration of psychological concepts, but this time, in the context of group dynamics. Please check in with Tim if you have missed class lectures and discussions during WEEK 7, which began on Monday, May 15th. Click on the link below to see terms and concepts for this unit.
    1. Dark Psychology Page
  4. The Dark Knight Rises: Psychoanalysis & Favorite Characters: Choose a character. Take notes on that character’s mental health, motivations, basic drives, decisions and actions. When we finish the film, you will write an essay exploring your chosen character’s mindset and mental health. You must include the following in your essay:
    1. An introduction to your character and why you chose to focus on this character.
    2. A summary paragraph about their basic story-arch.
      1. What did your character do in the film?
      2. What kind of a person is he/she? 
    3. Commentary on their psychological / personality characteristics. Use the following terms to analyze your character and his/her motivations:
      1. Id, Ego, Superego
      2. Trauma
      3. Basic motivations
      4. Personality trait dominance (ego, superego, id)
    4. A final position statement paragraph that states whether or not you believe your character is mentally healthy.
      1. Is the character evil? (Use the class definition).
      2. Is the character a hero?
      3. Is your character tragic? (Lessons learned…)