Science & Society (T2/12.1.16-)

Elisa Halemeier (Science) / Tim Bjornstad (Language Arts)


Agenda for Tuesday, December 6th:

  • Introduction / Agenda
  • True / False
  • Baselines & Syllabus Creation

Agenda for Wednesday, December 7th:

Agenda for Thursday, December 8th: NO SCHOOL (Ice Day)

Agenda for Friday, December 9th:

  • Finish How Many Slaves Work For You? Summary
  • Slavery and Artificial Intelligence: Research Assignment


Agenda for Monday, December 12th:

  • Review Material from First Week (Assessment One Material)
  • Work on Artificial Intelligence article (or work on incomplete assignments)

Agenda for Tuesday, December 13th:

  • Two Week Check-In
  • Citations Assignment Packet
  • Create Citations for:
    1. How Many Slaves Work For You?
    2. The three websites you discovered when researching slavery
    3. The Artificial Intelligence article.
  •  EasyBib – Excellent automatic citation maker!

Agenda for Wed, December 14th:

  • Syllabus
  • Complete Missing Work



  • Watch “The Island” and take notes. Focus on the following aspects:
    • Who?
    • What?
    • Where?
    • When?
    • Why?
    • How?
  •  Take notes on the following terms:
    • Character(s) (major/minor)
    • Conflict
    • Setting
    • Author Intent / Character Motivation
    • Analysis
  •  The Science of How – Scientific Articles

Agenda for Friday, January 13th:


Agenda for Tuesday, January 17th:

  • Introduction – Wealth & The Global Elite: (UPDATE – As of January 30th, this link is no longer valid. However, the central question is essential to this curriculum. Should eight individuals control as much wealth as exists amongst the 3.5 billion individuals living in relative and abject poverty at the opposite end of the spectrum?) (ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS: Read this article and take notes on the information below. When you are finished reading the article, write responses (using complete sentences) for each of the four items below.
    1. What is the main subject of the article?
    2. Who does this article focus on and mention?
    3. Does it (this issue) matter?
    4. Should it (this issue) be allowed?
    5. Finish Reading Science Abstract

Agenda for Wednesday, January 18th:

  1. Transforming Notes Into Summary & Abstract: Please turn your notes into a summary that explores the three realms listed below. Write short paragraphs for each topic in the following order:
    1. What & Who?
    2. Where & When?
    3. Why?
    4. Should we?
  2.  GOING FURTHER: Is It Possible? How? Should We? – Exploring The Science and Forming an Position
    • Technical Writing, Data
    • Report / Position Paper
    • Citing Sources

Agenda for Thursday, January 19th:

  1. Continue transforming your notes and memories into a summary that describes and analyzes the ethical issues of “The Island.” If you are going further, you will have plenty of time to do your work today.
  2. If you finish the summary, please select a few articles below.
    • Manned Robot Takes Baby StepsRead the article and apply the 6W process. Write responses (using complete sentences) to each of the 6 areas.
    • My Room ProjectPlease read this article Answer the following questions and respond to the prompts:
      1. What is this article about?
      2. How many countries are represented in this article?
      3. Write down what each bedroom has in common.
      4. Take notes on the items that make each bedroom unique.
      5. Which people appear to have the happiest shelter?
      6. Which room would you choose?

Agenda for Monday, January 23rd:

Agenda for Tuesday, January 24th:

  • Same as above.

Agenda for Wednesday, January 25th:

  • Six Week Check-In
  • Establish World Security Council Agenda (Draft)
  • Top Ten List
    1. Evaluate “Professional List”
    2. Agenda Item #1:

Agenda for Thursday, January 26th:

Agenda for Friday, January 27th: NO SCHOOL


Agenda for Monday, January 30th:

  • Independent Research – take notes and conduct research on Vaccines and whether or not people (individuals and whole cultures) should participate in vaccination programs. What are the pros? What are the cons and risks? Use the internet and any other resource you wish as your guide.
  • Citations:


  • Official Vaccine Waiver Module
  • Position Statements

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