Tragedy Overview and Assessment

Please write/type responses to the following questions and prompts. Information and all notes related to these concepts due at the end of second period. Please make sure to include a proper heading at the top of your paper. If you cannot answer certain prompts, please write a brief message explaining why you cannot provide the proper response.

PART ONE: Tragedy

  1. Please provide the definition of classical tragedy according to Aristotle.
  2. What are the five traits that makes a tragic hero?
  3. What is peripeteia
  4. What is the definition of hamartia? How is this word commonly mis-defined? 
  5. What is catharsis? What purpose does it serve in a classical tragedy?

PART TWO: Crash Course Tragedy / Oedipus Rex

  1. Write a summary of the Crash Course Tragedy video link.
  2. Who is the presenter in the video? What has he contributed to society that most people are familiar with?
  3. What is the basic story of Oedipus Rex, as presented by the video?
  4. Why is Oedipus Rex the perfect example of a tragedy?


When you finish this assessment, please move onto the next assignment on the main course page.

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