Science & Society: T-2.1 [ARCHIVE]

Week One:

Week Two:

Week Three:

Week Four:

  • Finish Black Mirror
  • Simulation Assignment:
    • Climate & Crop Growth: In this activity, you will explore climate graphs and interactive computational models to discover how temperature and precipitation affect crop growth. You will explore how the extremes of precipitation (drought and flood) deplete the resources available for plant growth. You will use maps of average precipitation and temperature to predict the suitability of an area for agricultural production.
    • Students will be asked to complete the online module and print their answers.
  • Assignment: Should We Be Worried? Please do the assignments listed below. Read the articles and fill out a jigsaw page.
  • How To Grade Your Assignments / What We Are Looking For
    • Crop & Climate Simulations
    • Chosen Articles / What Interests You
    • Bringing It All Together:
  • Interstellar
    • Please take notes on what the characters say about what happens to the earth in the  near future. What happened to:
      • Climate?
      • Earth’s Food Supply?
      • Humanity?
  • The Science of Interstellar
    • Please click on THIS LINK and explore 4 out of the 5 science topics from Interstellar. As you explore these subjects, please take jigsaw notes. Be sure to place emphasis on science-related vocabulary.



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