Science & Society


Weeks One & Two:

Week Three:

Week Four:

Week Five:

  • Like Stories of Old: Interstellar’s Hidden Meaning
  • Making Life Multiplanetary
  • Mars: To Boldly Go… Or Not
    • Objectives:
      • Take notes OR mark text on printed copies focusing on main ideas, key concepts, and positions advocated.
      • Answer all QUESTIONS in the assignment. You may type or hand-write.
      • Pay special attention to your own personal position when it comes to space travel.
      • Put your name and proper heading at the top of your document. A proper heading is located in the upper right-hand corner of your document/page and includes:
        1. First and last name
        2. The date (October 3, 2017)
        3. Your school
        4. 4j student ID
      • Put the title of the assignment in the upper left-hand corner of the assignment.

Week Six:

  • Assignment: Top Ten Reasons We Should…
    • Go to Mars
    • NOT Go To Mars
  • You may either:
    • Work independently and write a detailed list, with paragraph arguments for each reason.
    • Work in a group and create a presentation that will culminate in a lively debate.

Week Seven: Please brainstorm and research (meaning look into definitions and examples) your positions on the following questions. Answer each question in paragraph form (minimum of five sentences with a topic sentence) and be sure to answer clearly and completely.

  1. What is the primary purpose of government?
    1. What, in your opinion, are the three most important responsibilities of government? 
    2. Are these responsibilities areas that require a great deal of monetary investment?
    3. Do these responsibilities require government to invest in research? If so, explain.
  2. Take notes on Federal Spending: Where Does The Money Go? Answer the following questions:
    1. What is the difference between Mandatory and Discretionary Spending?
    2. How much does the United States spend on reducing debt every year?
    3. How much debt does the United States presently have?
    4. With discretionary spending, take notes on percentages. Where does Congress CHOOSE to spend most of our money?


1. Mars Position Statements
2. Primary Purpose of Government
3. Federal Spending Notes & Questions

Week Eight:

Week Nine:

Week Ten:

  1. Before The Flood
    1. Keep track of the following:
      1. Claims made
      2. Evidence/Facts supporting claims
      3. What does this man for us? What do we need to be aware of?

Week Eleven:

  1. Fiji’s Position: Search for Fiji online. Search YouTube. Get a sense of where it is, how many people live there, what it looks like, and what (if anything) makes it special.
    1. Please read this article entitled Can Fiji Save The World? and answer the following questions:
      1. What’s the deal with Fiji inviting everyone in the world to climb into its canoe? What message are they trying to send?
      2. According to the article, what are the things that we humans should be concerned about? What are the greatest threats we face?
      3. How much responsibility does Fiji claim for tackling these issues and searching for solutions?
    2. How Fiji Is Affected by Climate ChangeRead this article. Be prepared to identify what Fijians will have to do in the coming decades as a result of climate change.
  2. The United States’ Position
    1. Research President Donald Trump’s positions and reasons for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. You may conduct independent research and/or use the following articles to get started:
      1. 4 Reasons Trump Was Right To Pull Out Of The Paris Agreement
        1. Briefly summarize the 4 reasons.
        2. Do you feel that Trump makes good points?
        3. Offer a brief description of the source, The Heritage Foundation.
      2. 5 Claims Trump Used To Pull Out of the Paris Agreement
  3. Dancing With The Dead & The Black Plague
  4. Introduction (To Ethics of Climate Change) Article
    1. Mark text.
  5. The Goldfish Situation: Read the article. Write a simple position paragraph answering these questions:
    1. What is the primary claim of this article? 
    2. What are the causes of this attention deficit phenomena?
    3. Do you believe that humans have the ability to “multitask” effectively? 
    4. Who/what is responsible for this phenomena?
  6. Look through the presentation at the bottom of the Goldfish article entitled “5 Horrible Habits You Need To Stop Right Now.”
    1. Write a brief response illustrating your opinion of each of the 5 habits that they claim to be horrible. Take a position. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your positions.